•  The Safe to Shake high performance cooling coat is designed to keep your dog cool & comfortable in hot temperatures. Ideal for situations such as travelling abroad with your dog, attending shows or events, working dogs, sporty dogs & general walking on those hot days anywhere in the world.

•  Water absorbent 100% synthetic material which slowly releases moisture to keep your dog cool

without soaking their fur.

•  Easy to fit with adjustable chest strap & waist band. Re-useable & supplied with a storage bag so they are ready to use at your convenience.

(Please ensure the bag is sealed properly to ensure coat remains moist during required usage)

•  Sizing – please check with the size guide before purchasing. Note that its not important to cover the full length of the back – the importance is that you keep the high performance coat wet during use.

• Super absorbent.

• Holds in water without wetting the your dogs fur.

• Essential in hot weather to keep your dog cool & comfortable.

• Synthetic material is tough & durable.

• Easy to put on your dog.

• Available in blue or purple.

Safe to Shake Cooling Coat

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Please Note:

The coat is to be used to help your dog cool down if necessary but will not prevent your dog from overheating in extreme hot weather conditions. Its recommended you keep your dog indoors in a cool place in these conditions.

How to use

The cooling coat arrives moist in a sealed bag. Soak thoroughly in cold water. Wring out the excess water leaving the coat slightly damp. If the coat dries during use, either sprinkle more water or take off & soak again.

It is vital the coat remains wet during use.

Care for your Cooling Coat

• Once the coat has been worn – rinse under clean running water, wring out till slightly damp & store in the sealed packaging provided until required again.

• If you are not using the coat for a period of time – such as over the winter months, it is suggested you allow it to dry out naturally & store as flat as possible, so not to allow mould or mildew to gather whilst sitting damp in a sealed bag.

• The coat will go hard during this prolonged period of time.

• When required again thoroughly wet the coat before slowly opening ready for using again.

Do not force open whilst dry.

• Do not tumble dry.

• Do not wash in fabric conditioner.

• Machine wash at 20 – 30 degrees max - If coat is in use store after washing in the sealed bag.

Cooling/Drying towels are also available from Safe to Shake. These can also be used to help cool your dog & are supplied in a plastic tube. Click here for more information.

Cooling Towel


Please ensure you have checked with the Size Guide before ordering so as to order the correct size for your dog.

If you require any further advice with measuring your dog please contact Safe to Shake before placing an order.

It is not vital that your dogs back is completely covered by the cooling coat.

Safety Instructions

Its important to remember that your dog will still require hydration before, during & after their walk – especially in warm weather. Wearing a Safe to Shake dog cooling coat will not compensate for their need to drink water.

It is essential the cooling coat remains wet during use. Keep a close eye on it during your walk to ensure it is wet. There is no set time on how long the coat will last during use – that will be determined on the strength of the sun.

Please note – there are no back leg straps on the cooling coat, due to the design requirements, which may result in the rear of the coat may slip to one side. Please be vigilant to this. A solution to this is to tighten the waist band & to move it towards the middle of your dogs body.

Unfortunately due to the specific packaging of the coat, once opened the coat is no longer returnable.

Please ensure you measure your dog correctly before ordering.

Call or email Safe to Shake if you require further assistance with measuring your pooch.

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Back Length


Chest  Length

Band Width

Band Length




12 - 14"


13 - 21"




16.5 - 19"


18 - 30"




20 - 23"


22 - 36"




24.5 - 27.5"


25 - 40.5"




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26 - 45"


Back Length


Chest  Length

Band Width

Band Length


23 cm

15 cm

30 - 36 cm

8 cm

33 - 53 cm


33 cm

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42 - 48 cm

8 cm

46 - 76 cm


37 cm

20 cm

51 - 58 cm

11 cm

56 - 91 cm


48 cm

26 cm

62 - 70 cm

11 cm

63 - 103 cm


55 cm

35 cm

77 - 85 cm

11 cm

66 - 114 cm

X Small - £25   Small - £30   Medium - £34   Large - £37   X Large - £40

For customers outside of the UK Mainland a

Postal Surcharge must be added to the order.

Sizing Guide Click Here

Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man & Europe

+£4.55 (£7.55 per item)

Please click below to purchase the extra postage.

Rest of the World +£11.00 (£14.00 per item)

Please Note: If the order can be delivered cheaper you will receive a refund of the difference through PayPal.

Automatically added to order at checkout.

UK Mainland Postage: £3.00 per item.

Special Returns Terms & Conditions apply, before ordering please Click Here for details.

Click Here for Safety Instructions.

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