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Owning my beautiful Spanish Water dogs is such great fun. As you can see by the photos & videos Bob takes the 'water' part of his breed literally. Every opportunity he gets he's in the water - lakes, sea, river, puddles, streams.

It was whilst I was touring around Europe in my motorhome that it became apparent that a soaking wet smelly dog had no place in my new shiny motorhome which will be my home for the following 3 weeks. I felt I didn't want him inside shaking all over my bed but on the other hand I did not know where to put him so he could get cosy & warm as it was pouring down with rain. My only option during this time was to make him a bed in the garage part of my motorhome so he could shake all he liked & dry off with plenty of towels. It was fortunate I had the facility of the large garage as not all motorhome/caravans have this as an option. Eventually Bob, once dry, would come back inside & be a part of the family again.

It is very hard to eliminate the smell of wet dog within a small environment even with the windows open. It's even harder to try & dry all the wet & smelly dog towels when it's still pouring down with rain & will be needed for the next day.

It was at this point that I researched the market for an indoor drying coat that would allow my dogs free movement within any environment to enable their fur to dry, keep them warm & keep them cosy. At the same time protect the indoor environment from the dreaded natural dog shake dispersing all the dirty water everywhere. Eventually I decided that nothing was available & in 2014 I started my Safe to Shake project.

With the microfibre water absorbent material on the inside digesting the excess water & a polyester protection on the outside, the same used for tents & umbrellas, ensuring your clean environment is saved from any splashes of water Safe to Shake is ideal for every 'wet' situation.

Safe to Shake drying coat is useful for enclosed environments such as:

• Motorhomes & Caravans • Tents & Lodges • Boats & Barges.

• It is also ideal for when you are putting your dog back into the car after a run on the beach & into the sea or a swim in a lake.

• Perfect for when your dog has received hydrotherapy treatment to ensure they stay as warm as possible so not to allow any injured parts becoming stiff due to being wet & cold.

• Ideal for when you have been on a walk & been caught out in the rain, especially if you do not have a handy utility room. You may need to bring your dog into the home environment as it would unfair to leave him/her out in the rain.

• After showering your dog in preparation for a show to help keep them clean & dry indoors without your carpets being ruined with their constant rubbing & rolling everywhere. The indoor drying coat also eliminates the amount of fur shed all over the home environment.

There has been a lot of thought & time spent designing Safe to Shake indoor drying coat ensuring your dogs’ comfort & anatomy has been taken into consideration. The idea of the tail option is because a dogs’ tail is located in different places dependent on their breed. A dog with a long tail gets used to using it for balance. Where applicable your dog's tail, if short, can be placed inside the coat.

It has been quite a challenge getting the correct sizing for the Safe to Shake drying coat preferring not to use a size guide per breed as they differentiate so much within the same breed. It has been designed so that if you need to roll up the legs the option is there due to the flexible fabric used. Remember it doesn’t matter if the indoor drying coat is a little big on your dog – it gives them room to shake. Please remember that not all dogs like wearing clothing & when you are first trying on your Safe to Shake drying coat be very patient. I always put their front legs in first then use the press stud on the collar to secure before putting the back legs in & again using the back press stud to secure before doing the zip up.

Please take note of the safety advice with the Safe to Shake Drying coat. Ensure your dog has plenty of fresh water to drink. If the central heating is on watch for signs of dehydration. Always ensure the back legs, if too long, are rolled up so your dog’s back legs do not fall inside the coat. Keep a vigilant eye on them when they first wear the coat & follow the safety instructions on the insert packaging.

I use Safe to Shake drying coat all the time with Bob & he wears it for around 30-45 minutes, obviously it depends on how long the dog's fur is to how long they keep it on but it would be recommended to take it off after 30 mins as they will be sitting around in a wet coat for too long & you do not want them to overheat. Ensure your dog is not left by an open fire wearing the coat due to it being flammable.

Keep an eye on the length of the legs to ensure they are not too long otherwise there is a concern that your dog's leg will come out of the coat & be trapped inside. Bob only did this once after getting so excited about wearing it he decided to run all over the house, onto my nice clean white bed duvet & run into the lounge - thank goodness he was wearing a Safe to Shake!!

Washing your indoor drying coat should be kept to a minimum, where possible. Once my dogs have worn theirs – I turn them inside out & hang them up too dry (normally inside on a door!). If they are dirty – once dried, I shake them outside before using again. Washing instructions are inside the coat so please follow the advice & please do not tumble dry.

A free microfibre water absorbent towel is included with all Safe to Shake dog coats to help you dry their head & feet.

Walking coats – (James maybe on this part of the specific page)

Whilst looking at the Safe to Shake drying coat take the time to look at our waterproof walking coats. These have been designed for comfort & protection. Comfort because they are very lightweight for the dog to wear. Not all dogs naturally wear coats so these have been designed to be as lightweight as possible taking a dog’s shape into consideration. A dog’s natural movement helps keeps them warm so our walking coats are to help protect against cold weather & rain without impeding the dogs’ movement. Back leg straps are available to use if required & if your dog allows but do not use if they affect your dog's natural stride. The reason these are part of the design is to keep the coat in the correct place & if it’s a windy day the coat does not rise off the dogs back.

There are two styles of lightweight walking coats – one where the neck is covered & the other with no neck. Both are waterproof. Please note the walking coat with no neck has 4% lycra & this is shower proof. The walking coat with neck is 100% polyester & is waterproof.

A handy pocket for poo bags is part of the coats design. As you may be aware there is now a new law that states poo bags must be visible so at least you will have another place to put your bags in along with the many pockets full we seem to collect.

The human Safe to Shake clothing with the wonderful creative JJ logo have been designed by myself. The lightweight waterproof jacket with the warm paw print internal fleece & plenty of zipped pockets for even more poo bags, training aids, mobile phone, car keys & whatever else we can find to fill out pockets up with. There is a handy loop at the base of each front pocket to clip on the free treat bag rather than having to clip it on your trousers. I find that when I am training my dogs & it’s a cold rainy day having my treat bag attached to my trousers becomes a bit of a nightmare as I have to lift my coat up to get to it. This design will make life easier & your dog will be happy because you will be able to reward them quicker & at the right moment.

The lined waterproof trousers have been designed with style in mind with plenty of zipped pockets on the front & back. Most waterproof trousers I have purchased over the years have not been the right shape & not as trendy as I would prefer to wear. These have been designed so they taper at the bottom with a handy zip at the base of each leg so your footwear can be taken off & on easily.

Safe to Shake human headwear with the wonderful JJ embroidery on them. The lovely light blue peaked cap would look great on everybody. The very handy fold up black cap that can be placed in your pocket with ease in preparation for the sun or rain or even just to look good. & the warm fleece beanie hat that during the cold months I live in on a daily basis.

I have been fortunate to be able to write a book called Life is Bliss that speaks about some of the challenges I have faced. Fun challenges such as sky diving, the Great China wall, a Bike ride from the North to South of Vietnam & Peru Inca Trail, that have been self-satisfying as I have managed to raise just over £100,000 for various charities. Then there are also my life challenges due to inheriting a rare condition in the year 2000 called Dermatomyositis & where I have had to learn how to walk, talk & eat again. My book has been written to help motivate others & to inspire people in whatever unfortunate situation they find themselves in. To believe there is light at the end of a tunnel. If you are interested in reading the synopsis of my book, please click onto this link (link) & it will take you to Amazon.

Owning Safe to Shake has been a lifelong dream of mine & is something I am going to progress in the future. I have other ideas for dog designs that are currently being worked on with the professionals.

Hopefully I will see some of you at the shows - please come & say hello

Please send your photos of you & your dog(s) wearing Safe to Shake so we can share them on our photo gallery.

Debbie Bliss

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