Safe to Shake offer a range of dog coats for drying & walking your dog plus a new range of pet accessories. We also have waterproof wear perfect for dog walking & other outdoor activities.

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Safe to Shake dog coats & accessories are very proud to be a part of Pet Shops UK which is home to a huge variety of your pets needs.  Pets ranging from dogs, cats to poultry, fishes & reptiles. Please take the time to visit their website Your every day pet needs are catered for on one site which include pet insurance, pet law firms & alternative therapies. If you own a pet business you can also benefit from advertising on their website.

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Safe to Shake on Instagram Indoor Drying Coat Drying Coat

from £40.00 £30.00

Waterproof Suit Waterproof Suit

from £24.95

Lightweight Coat Lightweight Coat

from £14.00

Collared Coat Collared Coat

from £16.00

Greyhound Coats Greyhound Coat

from £22.00

Dachshund Suit Dachshund Suit

Arriving Oct/Nov 2017

Front Pet Carrier Front Carrier

from £34.00

Shoulder Pet Carrier Shoulder Carrier

from £43.00

Training Lead Training Lead

from £20.00

Pet Travel Mat Travel Mat

from £22.00

Control Lead Control Lead

from £15.00

Customer Gallery Gallery

from £38.00

Waterproof Wear Waterproof Wear

from £35.00

Hats & Caps Hats & Caps


October 29th

British Dog Grooming



Exhibition Centre,

The Fosse,

Fosse Way

CV31 1XN

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Autumn SALE £10 OFF

Indoor Drying Coats

Nobody wants this little monster in the house…

With the Winter months approaching & the wet

weather already here this is the perfect time to

pick up a Safe to Shake Indoor Drying Coat.

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