Safe to Shake offer a range of dog coats for drying & walking your dog plus a new range of pet accessories. We also have waterproof wear perfect for dog walking & other outdoor activities.

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Safe to Shake dog coats & accessories are very proud to be a part of Pet Shops UK which is home to a huge variety of your pets needs.  Pets ranging from dogs, cats to poultry, fishes & reptiles. Please take the time to visit their website Your every day pet needs are catered for on one site which include pet insurance, pet law firms & alternative therapies. If you own a pet business you can also benefit from advertising on their website.

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Safe to Shake on Instagram Indoor Drying Coat StoS Drying Coat

from £35

Waterproof Suit StoS Detachable Legs Suit

from £20

Greyhound Coats StoS Sighthound Coat

from £22

Dachshund Suit

Arriving February 2018

Front Pet Carrier

from £22

Shoulder Pet Carrier

from £43

Training Lead

from £16

Pet Travel Mat

from £22

Control Lead

from £15

Customer Gallery StoS Gallery

Dogs in Safe to Shake

Waterproof Wear Waterproof Wear

from £35

March 8th - 11th

Crufts -  NEC

 (Hall 2 - Stand 38A)

More Show Dates Our Next Show Date
StoS Front Carrier StoS Shoulder Carrier StoS Travel Mat StoS Training Lead StoS Control Lead

Arriving Soon

Giant Collared

Arriving Soon

Collared Coat StoS Collared Coat

from £16

Full Waterproof Suit

NEW Design - from £30

Lightweight Coat StoS Lightweight Coat

from £8

StoS Dachshund Suit StoS Giant Lightweight StoS Giant Collared Giant Lightweight StoS Full Leg Suit Safe to Shake Mobile Home

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