£15 each

• Ideal for dogs that pull & you need a little more control so walking your dog(s) is not so stressful for you both.

• Strong rope style nylon.

• Attachments held with leather.

• Metal infinity attachment.

• Useful stopper for safety so you can control the loop around the neck & nose.

Preparation before putting on.

• Slide the stopper towards the main lead.

• Enlarge the neck loop so it fits over your dogs head.

• Enlarge the rope from the metal infinity holder a little larger than your dogs nose.

• The metal infinity holder should sit under your dogs chin.

Putting on the control lead.

• Gently place the lead over your dogs head with the metal infinity holder underneath.

• Gently place the lead over your dogs nose. Move the stopper to ensure you have enough space.

• Very gently tighten the nose & neck loops ensuring a comfortable but firm fit.

• Move the stopper towards the ring of the neck loop - this will keep the lead in the right position .

• The neck loop must be on the TOP of your dog's neck.

• When walking with your dog - have the metal neck loop on the same side as your walking.


1) Ensure the metal infinity loop is flat under your dogs chin so it is not rubbing.

2) Ensure you check for any signs of the infinity loop rubbing under your dogs chin.

3) Ensure that your dog cannot escape the lead by having the stopper in the right place.

4) If your dog has not used a control lead before - take your time with them - do not pull them back hard.

5) As a precaution when first wearing the control lead use a 'normal' collar lead as a back up.

6) With one of my dogs I use the control lead plus a normal lead.

Control Lead

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